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¡Abajo Tordesilhas!


Metodologias de escritura e investigação em literaturas e culturas latino-americanas

Mittwoch, 23. September 2020, 16:00 Uhr bis 20:00 Uhr

É possível descolonizar a ciência? O workshop ¡Abajo Tordesilhas! tem por objetivo apresentar e desenvolver metodologias de trabalho de investigação em América Latina, questionando os limites de acordos linguísticos e geográficos posto em prática desde os séculos XV e XVI. Os doutorandos em ibero-romanística apresentarão suas investigações em curso em português e em espanhol. Neste workshop serão discutidos os desafios e impasses da escrita em português e em espanhol diante dos objetos literários e culturais em perspectivas coloniais e pós-coloniais. Os conferencistas convidados para o workshop são: Suely Rolnik (São Paulo - Brasil) e Ticio Escobar (Asunción – Paraguai).

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arts and conflict

Arts and Conflict: Contesting the Unavailability of Cultural Heritage

Public virtual event

30-31 October, 2020

with: Liliana Gómez, Sarah Vanagt, Felicia Meynersen, Paul Lowe, Vladimir Miladinovic, Lisa Blackmore, Stephenie Young, Ala Younis, Alexander Brust, Bärbel Küster and George Arbid.

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DSI - LZZ Brown Bag Lunch

Possibilities of digital technology and platforms for researchers in the digital humanities and social sciences

Dienstag 01. Dezember 2020, 12:15-13:15

Raum SOC-E-010 (Rämistrasse 69, 8001 Zürich)

In this event, three members of the Latin American Center of the UZH will present their current projects, all closely tied to the possibilities that digital technology and platforms offer for researchers in the humanities and social sciences. It will be an interdisciplinar panel in which fields as different as business, linguistics and photography will dialogue to show possible uses of technology in their disciplines. 
In his talk, Christian Hauser will present the findings of his recent field research in Latin America on responsible business practices in the region. He will discuss the role of multimedia in the presentation of his findings, explaining how the results of his study have been presented in the form of text, photo, audio, video, as well as graphic objects. This raises the question as to how scientific publications could look like in the era of digitalization.
Carlota de Benito will discuss the two main levels on which digital technology has changed linguistics. The first one affects research methodologies, where the digitalization of the sources provides a simplified and broader access to them. Moreover, the sophistication of analytical methods allows for more complex quantitative analyses. The second level has to do with the object of study of linguistics itself, since digitalization has opened up new communication channels that can be studied and that offer larger quantities of data than what could have been imagined a short while ago.
Dayron Carrillo will present a digital platform currently being built that brings together archival documentation, biographical testimonies, audiovisual material and critical essays on the theoretical-methodological contributions of photographer Armando Salas Portugal to the aesthetic modernity of Mexico. The project is aimed at students, teachers and researchers interested in studying 20th century Mexican modernity from a transversal and multimedia perspective, with approaches that contemplate disciplinary fields such as Literature, History and History of Art, Philosophy and Anthropology.
Prof. Dr. Christian Hauser (FHGR / UZH)
Prof. Dr. Carlota de Benito Moreno (UFSP Sprache und Raum / UZH)
Dayron Carrillo Morell (UZH)