• Prof. Dr. Johannes Kabatek
  • Romanisches Seminar, Philologie mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der iberoromanischen Sprachwissenschaft
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  • Prof. Dr. Adriana López Labourdette
  • Romanisches Seminar, Ausserordentliche Professorin für Lateinamerikanistik
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Steering Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Christian Berndt
  • Department of Geography, Economic Geography Unit
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  • Prof. Dr. Max Gassmann
  • Institute of Veterinary Physiology, Vetsuisse Faculty and
    Zurich Center for Integrative Human Physiology (ZIHP)
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  • Prof. Dr. Liliana Gómez
  • Kunsthistorisches Seminar, SNF-Förderprofessur
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  • Prof. Dr. Eduardo Jorge de Oliveira
  • Romanisches Seminar, Assistenzprofessur für Brasilianistik
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  • Prof. Dr. Marcelo Sánchez
  • Paläontologisches Institut und Museum
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  • Prof. Dr. Tristan Weddigen
  • Kunsthistorisches Institut, Kunstgeschichte der Neuzeit
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Associate Members

Associate Students / Early-Stage Researchers (BA & MA level)

Francisco Nel Aguirre (Romanisches Seminar, UZH)

Lukas Becker (Historiches Seminar, UZH)

Adriana Hildebrand (Center for Global Studies, Universität Bern)

Virginia Kargachin (Romanisches Seminar, UZH)

Olivier Keller (Historisches Seminar, UZH)

Roberto Carlos Mejías (Romanisches Seminar, UZH)

Paula Stocker (Romanisches Seminar, UZH)


Grupo de análisis y tertulia de estudiantes

Becoming a Member

To become a member of the LZZ, please email with a short motivation letter (no longer than 1 page) and your updated CV. 

Researchers based at UZH with a completed PhD can join the LZZ as members; those based at other universities, as well as those working towards a PhD and members of the general public with a professional interest in Latin America, can join as associate members. UZH students can join the LZZ as associate students. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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